18 Awesome Camping Hacks To Make Camp Life Easier

Who doesn’t love some good hacks?! I’ve used many of these many times and can swear by them, the rest I’m super stoked about trying! Some of these are probably common knowledge, but here’s a list of my favourites I’ve learned over time!

Camping Tricks


1. If you are camping in an area with lots of bugs, pitch your tent with the door facing the wind to discourage bugs from congregating. If you are camping in an area with high winds, bugs wont be a problem, but the winds will. Make sure to pitch your tent behind a wind break if possible and pay attention to your angles.



2. Make travel coffee or tea bags out of coffee filters and dental floss, or you can usually find small loose leaf tea pouches in a dollar or grocery store that work well too.


3. Line your pie iron with tinfoil to make it easier to clean.



4. Wrap your meats in cabbage leaves then tinfoil to keep from burning.



5. Fix a broken tarp with a rock.



6. Use a stick so you don’t have to cut your rope.


7. Save up your bread tabs and use them as lightweight clothes pins to hang your clothes. They work perfectly on most sized ropes!


8. Apply a little candle wax or bar soap to zippers to keep them zipping properly.


9. Add a little glow in the dark rope or string to the zippers to make them easy to find in the middle of the night.


10. Use a shower cap to keep your sandals and shoes from soaking up moisture, (make sure they are under the vestibule though!), also helps to keep things clean when packing up.


11. Instead of dealing with liquids, buy some solid shampoo and conditioner bars. I get mine from lush, but there are other options as well; you can even make your own if you are talented! They are small and last forever and you don’t have to worry about spills or lugging huge bottles around. Just make sure you leave the tin open for a few hours so they dry out again and you are good to go!


12. Shave soap into single use flakes and store them in a baggie so you don’t have to deal with soggy bar messes.


13. If you don’t have access to a shower, bring two different coloured face cloths. Boil some water in the morning, let it cool a little, and wash your face with one first, don’t double dip! So nice and warm in the cold mornings! 😀 Then wash your other smelly regions with the other. Rinse then dry in the sunlight to kill bacteria. Clean them with a flake of soap if you are staying for a long time, and thats all you need! Just remember which colour is for your face! lol!



14. Freeze bottles and use them in your cooler instead of ice, or better yet make some iced tea and freeze it! Keeps your cooler cool and less messy, lasts longer than ice and you will have cold drinks when they melt.



15. Line your cooler with insulated reflective foam (like the windshield screens) to make things stay cooler longer, or make a cooler cover!



16. Bring a couple of gardeners’ foam kneeling pads if you have a crawl in tent. Stick one outside and one inside the door to save your knees! They are cheap, light and easy to store or move where you need them. Your bruised knees with thank you!



17. Instead of hauling around fragile whole eggs, put them in a large bottle or hard boil them.




17. Use a mesh bag and hang your clean dishes to dry.



18. Forgot your can opener? Learn how to open cans without one!


Have fun out there!

~ Cheers!

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