AUKEY 300W Car Charger Review

The AUKEY 300W is a powerful car charging option for road trips & extended camping trips.

Natalie’s review of the AUKEY 300W Dual 110V AC Outlets Car Power Inverter.

AUKEY 300W Car Power Inverter


This summer, 2017, my partner and I went on an epic road and camping trip for almost a month. We travelled all over the province and had an amazing time in the beautiful BC wilderness meeting up with friends and family. One of our heavily relied on, and important pieces of gear was the AUKEY 300W Car Power Inverter.

When camping for almost a month straight with little to no power hook ups or charging opportunities, it can be a challenge to keep your electronics powered up. I use the camera on my phone constantly, and while we were usually out of cell service it was still important to have some charge on my phone for emergencies as well. I also use my phone as my music player. Our Fugoo Tough XL speaker and our rechargeable air inflator pump also needed power and had to be recharged occasionally.

Our solution was to purchase the AUKEY 300W.  I found it on for about $35. I had previously bought a super cheap car charger off of ebay for around $5 hoping it would do the trick. Unfortunately it was so weak it couldn’t properly charge my speaker and got really hot to the touch while charging. It was pretty sketchy and didn’t work at all for what I needed. I didn’t trust it. Instead the AUKEY 300W has much more power, and performed excellently for our needs. Totally worth the investment, I’ll never go back to the old el cheapos again. Sometimes you have to pay a bit more for quality.

I really needed an AC wall outlet to charge my speaker and air pump, and the AUKEY 300W has two. It also has two USB 2.4A ports for charging things like my phone and battery bank. It plugs into a standard vehicle cigarette lighter and also has two battery clamps so you can attach it to your car battery as well. The AUKEY 300W has an on and off switch on the back and an internal fan to keep it from overheating. Built in safeguards in it’s circuitry protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and over charging.

I could only use one AC wall plug at a time because of the shape of the plugs on my devices, but I could easily charge one AC plugged device and two USB charged devices simultaneously with no problems. Any time we ran to town or headed to the next location, we plugged in our devices and they were usually fully charged by the time we got to camp. It worked perfectly!


Total Power: 300W
Input: DC 12V 40A
AC Output: 110V
Low voltage: ≤9.6V
Over voltage: ≥15.6V
USB Output 1 | 2: 5V 2.4A per port
Size: 6.14” x 3.07” x 1.83”
Weight: 20.2 oz


I highly recommend the AUKEY 300W for anyone who needs to be able to charge a variety of electronics on the road.

Happy camping!

~ Natalie Rose

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